For nearly 20 years JWA has been active for many Dutch Jazz ensembles. JWA works in the field of Jazz, Latin Jazz, World and many crosssovers. All these groups recorded albums over the last 20 years. We collected all these albums on the JWA Recordshop!

Since its foundation in 2003, Tango Extremo has experienced a development that is remarkable. The orchestra has performed on practically all major and minor concert stages in the Netherlands, but Tango Extremo also played countless times abroad. The repertoire is very broad and very special in its style. Angles of approach including European and South American folklore, classical music, jazz and Brazilian music are combined with ‘tango nuevo’.

Art Blakey once said that jazz should be ‘danceable’. This can be Ben van den Dungen’s general musical motto in many ways. He has been on the jazz scene for years. So far he has made 80 albums and played about 5000 concerts in 70 countries. The Ben van den Dungen quartet contains a special combination of musical personalities. Nothing pretentious, just swinging, completely up-to-date and with a happy feeling. These characteristics make this band 100% pure jazz.

Nueva Manteca is back in all its glory – a new, breathtaking band with a fresh, international line-up from the Netherlands, Venezuela, Germany and Uruguay. Kick-off for the renewed band was a triumphant tour in Colombia 2018. Over the years the band has performed at prestigious festivals, venues and clubs all over the world, including Montreal Jazz Fest, Barranquijazz, SOB’s (NYC), Curaçao Jazz Fest, Yoshi’s (San Francisco) and many times at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Musica Extrema, a musical ensemble with a special sound because of the unusual line-up and the different backgrounds of the musicians. Dive into the musical melting pot of the nightclubs of the 20s and 30s of New York, Berlin and Paris. Where after the First World War jazz, folklore and classical music merge virtuoso with an eccentric form of theatre, known as variety and entertainment.