Obsession Blues

With great pleasure and pride, Jazz & Worldmusic Agency presents the new album from the Ben van den Dungen Quartet, “Obsession Blues.” The album was recorded during a concert at Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans, France. The concert was the second in a series of concerts co-organized with French painter Charles Belle in France. The repertoire on the CD consists of various blues-related pieces and compositions inspired by them. This album is composed of original works.

Ben van den Dungen on the new album: “This is the fifth album of my quartet. It captures a moment in time when I felt the desire to delve deeper into the blues in general. The concert was quite an experience. I had previously collaborated with French painter Charles Belle. Charles creates impressive and highly explosive paintings. At the same time, they also exude a sense of intimacy. The concert took place in an old salt mine factory, which in itself is a very inspiring place. For this occasion, Charles Belle wanted to create two paintings during the concert, so we had to play continuously for over three hours. At some point, you enter a trance. Before I knew it, the three hours had passed. From the entire concert, we selected several pieces to include on the CD.”

On behalf of the Ben van den Dungen Quartet, we wish you a great listening experience with “Obsession Blues.”